The Happy Stream Collection – Two of Hearts features one of the most popular motifs with women, the heart.

The heart motif literally signifies the heart. It is known as the symbol of love and happiness. Many also believe that it fulfills wishes for daily happiness and happy love affairs.

The dial features two overlapping heart motifs with a partially see-through design.
The overlapping part of the hearts includes a ruby that is subtly incorporated into the design. In addition, it enables you to enjoy watching the motions of the movement, which is a feature that is unique to mechanical watches.

The gentle, rounded shape of the case and the soft feel of the Arabic numerals located at three places are integrated with the heart motifs, exuding femininity with elegance and glamour.

Wearing an item with a heart motif is also widely believed to improve your luck.

This watch is recommended for use in a variety of situations as an item for accentuating your overall attire.



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