DISK in the STYLISH AND SMART series is a unique and stylish mechanical watch
characterized by its unisex styling and colorful disk hands that gently change expression.
Unique new colors now join the series' most popular DISK lineup.

The black dial, now a standard feature among existing DISK watches,
features a rainbow-color index and hour hand. The color of the hour hand changes
with the color of the index, in order from the 12 o'clock position,
over the seven rainbow colors of green, blue, navy, purple, red, orange, and yellow.
The watch has a highly stylistic design with the colors of the rainbow that appear
prominent through the slits of a black dial.
The disk hour hand displays the same rainbow color as the hour index every hour.
RAINBOW Its graphical and playful dial design creates a modern feel.
The case uses a plain and wide-opening bezel that makes for a simple yet stylish design.

Features a silver-color case made of stainless steel that gives the watch a fresh, clear impression,
distinguishing itself from the previous looks of black cases.

A see-through case back that displays the fun of mechanical watches uses green glass to symbolize nature.